A bee or not a bee?

för mezzosopran och saxofonkvartett

uruppförande i Sofia kyrka, Stockholm, den 16 juni 2016

Axelina Lindholm, mezzosopran
Stockholms saxofonkvartett

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                    The humble, bumble lovely bee.
                    We need to see, that the vital bee
                    gives fruit to the tree.

                    So my humble question is simple:
                    A bee or not a bee?

                   "To be or not to be?"
                    really means the same thing
                    to the apple, who won’t be;
                    without the pollinator.

                    Orange, pears and tulips need that gentle bee.
                    Blueberries and cherries, and the strawberry.
                    They are all dependent on pollination.
                    Sweet butterflies and bumblebees and beetles,
                    lavender, peaches need those flying creatures.
                    We all depend on their collaboration. For sure!

                    So let’s stand up!
                    Stand up for all bumblebees and butterflies!                     Now!
                    Time is precious! Indeed!
                    It is high time that we do save our pollinators.

                    All humble bumble lovely bees.
                    Let us give them support!

                    We need to cultivate,
                    rather than excavate, our fragile earth,
                    if we want to preserve the balance in our fruit yards.
                    So let us now stand up for all our flying friends.

                    A bee or not a bee?
                    That is my simple question.




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